REFINERI platform supports the development of original hybrid AV projects that cross the boundaries of traditional film practices and merge the cinematography and art with unconventional practices and amateurism. Platform includes a yearlong consulting, mentoring, inspiring and presentation, plus finalization and distribution plan for the projects.
The overall aim is an encouraging of selected projects, provoking dialogue between cinematic forms and genres, explore and create spaces for an unauthorized film forms, as well as an inspiration and an overflow of experiences and ideas when chilling out with some of the prominent authors of modern AV works that cross the boundaries of documentary and feature shapes.
Platform REFINERI is held in Rijeka, Croatia with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the City of Rijeka, Foundation Kultura Nova and the MEDIA Programme of the EU; in collaboration with the Art cinema “Croatia” and in partnership with the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague.
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