REFINERI 2014 I - projects

samo sanJUST A DREAM?

Dženan Medanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo)

“To die, to sleep –
To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub,
For in this sleep of death what dreams may come…”
― William Shakespeare, Hamlet
Story about life, death and dream. Story about dreaming of life and living a dream. One person lives and dies in a dream of one nation.


povPERSON OF VIEW (radni naslov)

Ina Ferlan (Slovenia, Gorenja Vas)

The senses are usually taken for granted. For the deaf however, this is not the case. Seeking different sensory impulses in order to revive sound in the body and mind, the other senses sharpen, especially the sense of sight and touch. There is a widespread belief that deafness is an impairment. But which perception is clearer? Is it the one that arises from the precise observation of a deaf person or the one of a hearing person, who can easily be distracted? Can the sight of a hearing person even come close to the visual experience of a deaf one? The film will explore these questions through the eyes of a deaf dancer that senses music through its vibrations.



Irena Čurik (Croatia, Zagreb)

Experimental documentary film performance which takes a journey from Pula to its twin town Villefranche-de-Rouergue investigating on the political narrative of a communist statue that was build for Yugoslav war victims who were killed by Germans in their attempt to return from Villefranche-de-Rouergue to Pula.
Twin towns share statues and memories.



Kristina Barišić (Croatia, Rijeka)

Lunch is the first part which deals with the subject of relationships and transience.
One day of the week that everyone experiences the same way – for some irrelevant, for others the most important. Eternally repeating the same form and content. Emphasizing human rituals and habits. Four separate stories begin at the same hour of the same day. They merge at Sunday lunch which by accidental absurdities turns into theatrical show in which roles are clearly assigned and important news become irrelevant dash and remain untold.
Sofa: is the second part of a dealing with a piece of furniture, sofa, assigning a major role to an object. Every consumable item has an expiration date, just like humans….



Marta Ožanić (Croatia, Rijeka)

The story of “The news” draws its idea from a recent incident in which a group of adolescents vandalized elementary school Pećine in Rijeka. The project speaks about contemporary man and it follows a group of young people and their devastating march as well as it follows different spectrum of people to whom the news of vandalism is coming through a different media. The story talks about the bursts of energies and psychophysical conditions. This is a local event set in a global context of the times in which we live in and which are characterized by constant and rapid change where we are witnessing the deconstruction of consciousness.


uzdizanjePOLE RISING

Sandra Polić Živković (Croatia, Rijeka)

Pole rising is a movie about a struggle today’s women have. Modern life and all visual materials imposed ideals of beauty and the way a woman should look like. Most do not meet these requirements what cause them more or less frustration and tremendous uncertainty in them self, their body, and ultimately actions and the meaning of existence. And every woman is fighting that battle on her own. One of things that helps them to win is a pole dance. Still a controversial activity, they usually keeping it as a secret although it brings them strength and courage and represents a shelter where they can be disconnected from the world and develop personally.



Tatyana Soboleva (Russia, Moscow)

Once , a mathematics teacher from Oxford , a strict Englishman Charles Dodgson, who never went out without putting his gloves on and who put his whole life in a diary and even counted the number of his meals in the dining room of Oxford decided to leave the university and went traveling. Russia was his destination.
Oh, it was a terrible mistake that influenced his whole life.




Zoran Krema (Croatia, Rijeka)

A film about two lovers who meet by the Internet exactly after fifty years. Today, being in their old age, they review their memories – he while cleaning his bohemian’s house on the Island of Krk, Croatia, she while watching neatly arranged photos in a photo album in an apartment in Berlin, Germany.
Their encounter answered the questions partially, her memories start one way, his memories finish another way. One song is the certain connection – a Croatian song “Oh, My Sailor”.
Here stops the documentary and starts the played part of this story.