ASSOCIATION UKUS (Rijeka, Croatia) and INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF, Prague, Czech Republic) are once again joint to organize a workshop session of original creative documentary film in Rijeka, for a total of 16 projects which were selected in Prague and Rijeka, a few months ago. Association UKUS – a platform for the development and support of hybrid AV projects REFINERI – enabled four hybrid REFINERI projects to participate in July’s session of EX ORIENTE FILM + REFINERI (projects come form Croatia, Slovenia, Russia). IDF, a renowned international educational program for the development of creative documentaries in Central and Eastern Europe Ex Oriente Film, have chosen 12 projects for the workshop (Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia, Hungary, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Iceland).

In addition to professional guidance for directors and producers of projects by 13 tutors – Europe’s leading experts in their fields – Ex Oriente Film + REFINERI also brings a series of extraordinary lectures, screenings and master classes which will be opened to professionals but also to the rest of the audience (look the PROGRAM). Also, the projects that are not part of the workshop will have the opportunity to consul the tutors in several terms.

The main tutors of Ex Oriente Film are Marijke Rawie, a Dutch consultant (ExpertDocs), than the Danish producer and Head of the Study of the European Documentary Network Mikael Opstrup and Czech director and producer Flip Remunda (Hypermarket Film). For the information about all the other tutors, see the TUTORS.

July’s session of Ex Oriente Film + REFINERI is the second of total three REFINERI platform’s sessions in 2014. The first REFINERI session was held in April when the four projects were selected for the July’s session and in July the platform REFINERI joins the Ex Oriente Film workshop. The third and last this year’s REFINERI sessions will be held in November.

The program is carried out with the support of HAVC, City of Rijeka, Kultura NOva Foundation, the MEDIA Programme of the EU, and in collaboration with the Art-kino Croatia and in partnership with the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague.