Ex Oriente Film + REFINERI joint session begins soon!

Association UKUS from Rijeka and the Prague Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) will, for the third time, organize a joint session of the author’s documentary development workshop, which will be held from July 20 to 25, in the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, the Art-kino Croatia and on the beach Grčevo.

IDF comes with a program of professional development for directors and producers – Ex Oriente Film – and the Association UKUS joins with its own methodology and participants – REFINERI. Together, they will develop a total of 16 pre-selected documentary projects in Rijeka.

From Monday 20 July Rijeka will host around 30 directors and producers of documentaries, from Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Canada, Russia and Croatian. They will work together with their 14 mentors, prominent European directors, producers and film professionals, as well as with numerous guest observers, commissioning editors, founds representatives etc.

Among the tutors is Nino Kirtadze, the Georgian director and actress, whose films have won international awards, including the best director award at the Sundance Film Festival, and the European Film Academy award for the besT documentary film (“Pipeline next door”) which will be screened in Art-kino Croatia. The tutor is Jon Bang Carlsen, one of the most innovative Danish documentary film director whose directorial signature public will be able to meet in the Art-kino with “Cats in Riga” and “Just the right amount of violence”. Iikka Vehkalahti, an award-winning Finnish producer and director and former editor of the documentary program of Finland national television, is also among the tutors, as well as a prominent Slovak director and producer Peter Kerekes, than the Austrian producer Ralph Wieser, as well as two Croatian authors – the award-winning transmedia artist Dalibor Martinis, and the cult Croatian director Lordan Zafranović.

Association UKUS’ and IDF’s program is performed with the support of Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Kultura nova Foundation, the City of Rijeka, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the MEDIA program of the EU, the Ministry of Culture and the Czech Cinematography Fund from the Czech Republic, and in cooperation with the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, Art-kino Croatia and beach bar Pajol.