FAMU and UKUS are looking for young filmmakers!

Association UKUS, famous Film Academy FAMU from Prague and the project CinemaPlay are looking for nine participants – young or future filmmakers – who are not afraid of working in teams, intensively sweating in front of the paper, in editing room or behind the camera, and who are able to develop their creative idea and to make the film out of it in only three days!  

Those nine participants will work intensively; from 2 to 4 May 2015, in Rijeka. During these three days, they will create three short feature films, with the support and guidelines from aforementioned organizers. The workshop is free of any fees!

CinemaPlay helps prepare beginning filmmakers to create short films within a structured, supportive environment and guidance that promotes creativity and maximizes collaboration.

The three-day workshop starts with student filmmakers placed into culturally diverse groups of three or four members and randomly given roles: writer, director, producer and director of photography. Groups choose their own name, and make a pledge to cooperate and work in the best interests of their projects.

Themes and short screenplays are then developed with periodic consultation. After scouting locations and casting actors from among their peers (and faculty) each group develops a strategy for producing their project, and spends the evening finalizing casting, stories, locations and storyboarding.

The films are then shot in one day, and edited in the evening and following morning. On the final afternoon of the workshop, the completed films are screened for public  for review, comment Q/A and of course celebration.

CinemaPlay creates a sense of empowerment among the filmmakers. By completion, all the challenges  have been met. The filmmakers have completed their shorts as a direct result of the collaborative process. The members have developed mutual respect for each other’s contributions and a deeper understanding of the art and craft of filmmaking.

Ivo Trajkov, Head of Editing Department at FAMU, film director, producer, scriptwriter, script editor, president of FAMU Senate
Tomáš Doruška, Head of Academy program FAMU International, film director and editor
Željka Suková and Aleš Suk, Association UKUS, film directors and producers
Dominik Krutský, film director and editor, production assistant at FAMU

The program is organized by FAMU and UKUS, and supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Student Cultural Centre of the University of Rijeka, Art-kino Croatia, MMSU and Rijeka European Capital of Culture 2020 campaign.