International support to delicious lies and mystification

Good news from Creative Europe – MEDIA desk: auteur film in development, with the working title “Lying carpet“, directed by Željka Sukova, won the support of 25,000 € for the development of individual projects. “Lying carpet” is Slovak-Croatian co-production, with foreign producer being a famous Slovak director Peter Kerekes.

“Lying Carpet” is a docufiction, located at the place where lies become true. It is inspired by true events and folklore of the islands of Adriatic Sea. Legends and word of mouth by local citizens turn into reality, mystification and lies turn into being true. The finalization of the film is planned for 2017.

The support is explained in following words: “The project proposes subject with a quite strong potential. The creative intention is well focused and aim also to address not only the subject but also the specific language of the genre.  The quality of the approach is high profiled and risk-taking. The creative team attached has the full potential to deliver the challenge of the project. The subject and the approach have a good transnational potential and the strategies put in place are consistent with the nature of the project and its needs. The key points of the development are individuated correctly. Also the financing strategy is effective as is likely to provide the required funding and an international scale to the project. Furthermore the application displays full awareness of the specific and territorial market.  Experienced and awarded creative team with a focused distribution strategy and realistic production and financing plan.”

“Lying Carpet” already won the support from Kultura nova foundation for the artistic research, and from Croatian Audiovisual Center for the development of scenario.