Summer of Baka – “Marija’s Own” at Art-Film Festival Košice and somewhere else

Film “Marija’s Own” is being shown on 21. of June 2017 at ART-FILM FESTIVAL in the cultural center Tabačka in Košice within the section Peter Kerekes presents. The selection revelas the most loved and favorite films of legendary Slovak director, producer and screenwriter. Tabačka kulturfabrik is a multicultural  space and an slovak home scene of czech electro-trash band Midi lidi, one of the main protagonists of  “Marija’s Own” . Screening and ucoming socializing anetworking are attended by authors, director Željka Sukova and producer Aleš Suk.

“Marija’s Own”  also appears public during 2017. summer in the garden of the bar Tor in Rijeka (Slovenski dom Bazovica), specifically on 2 August 2017 as part of the program Slučajno kino  / Accidental Cinema organized by the Liburnia Film Festival, so one cam meet granny Marija  in more places around.