We have decided on six new REFINERI projects!

Six documentary-fiction (hybrid) international and Croatian film projects are chosen to be developed within the Platform for the support and development of hybrid AV creativity REFINERI 2015.

The decision on selected projects was made after the opened call for submission (mid-February to mid-March).

Among the numerous applications the decision was made on the following projects:
“Under the Cover” by Nejra Hulusić and Sabrina Begović-Ćorić (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo), “Stabla su moji svemirski brodovi” by Kristijan Vučković (Croatia, Rijeka), “Krešo” by Marina Musulin (Croatia, Rijeka), “Audible” by Marta Batinić and Ana Jurčić (Croatia, Rijeka), “IDWA (Interventive Dynamics Without Author)” by Vera Marques (Portugal / France, Paris) and “ARTexpress” by Sanja Gergorić, Ivona Maslak, Andrej Mirčev, Elizabeta Močibob, Lucija Ukić and Nevena Živić (Croatia, Rijeka).

All these projects are evaluated as interesting, inspiring, on one hand intimate and personal and on the other reflecting the contemporary issues and threads.

These authors will work on the development of their film ideas from 20-24 April 2015, in Rijeka. Mentors of the first sessions are directors of documentary and hybrid films Aleš and Zeljka Suk, Ivan Bezinović and Narimane Mari.