MARIJA’S OWN - from the media

“Entertaining jumble, bookended by old homevid footage, is both life-affirming and fest-friendly.”

Boyd van Hoei, Variety

“While the viewer may not be completely clear on where the reality ends and the fiction begins (and I’m not sure why the fiction might be needed at all), there’s something that works more often than it doesn’t in this odd duck of a film, and attains a level of genuine affection that cuts through whatever artifice is brought into play.”

– Basil Tsiokos, indieWIRE


“A movie for sophisticated film fans who will, at the end, be faced with a virtuous visual grand finale in Jarmusch’s style. Marija, you can rest in peace, your favorite granddaughters have made you eternal!”

Zoran Angeleski, Glas Istre