CinemaPlay participants have been chosen!

Association UKUS and Film Academy  FAMU from Prague, the organizers of the film workshop CinemaPlay, have decided on 12 participants of the intensive film workshop to be held from 2 til 4 May 2015 in Rijeka, Croatia.

Those are Leo Vitasović, Sanja Gergorić, Nika Petković, Maura Batarilović, Mateja Ilijašev, Betty Stojnić, Indi Novak, Ivana Brljak, Max Kostelac, Rebeka Čuljak, Martina Kolarić and Dino Kos.

Participants will try to develop a film idea in teams, and to film it, in only three days, with the help and guidelines from the mentor. Those are Ivo Trajkov, Head of Editing Department at FAMU, film director, producer, scriptwriter, script editor and president of FAMU Senate, than Tomáš Doruška, Head of Academy program FAMU International, film director and editor,  Željka Suková and Aleš Suk, Association UKUS, film directors and producers, and Dominik Krutský, film director and editor and production assistant at FAMU.

Finished films will be publicly screened in Art-kino Croatia in Rijeka, on Monday 4 May, at 8 PM.

CinemaPlay creates a sense of empowerment among the filmmakers. By completion, all the challenges have been met. The filmmakers have completed their shorts as a direct result of the collaborative process. The members have developed mutual respect for each other’s contributions and a deeper understanding of the art and craft of filmmaking.

The program is organized by FAMU and UKUS, and supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Student Cultural Centre of the University of Rijeka, Art-kino Croatia, MMSU and Rijeka European Capital of Culture 2020 campaign.